Finding some inner calm with yoga (session for women living with advanced cancer)

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Location:  Counterpart Resource Centre

Come and join a gentle yoga session tailored for women with advanced cancer. Yoga is a whole body/mind practice, involving breathing work, stretching exercises, postures and meditation.

Regular yoga practice may help manage the stress, anxiety and fatigue often experienced by women with cancer. Many palliative care facilities now offer yoga programs, as it may help manage pain and improve the emotional and physical health and quality of life of women with advanced cancer.

Our instructor Swamiji (Swami Karunananda) delights in bringing the joy of yoga to others and offers practices and understanding to help others engage with life, right where they are. Her study and work has been varied; from work in yoga studios, schools, hospitals, teacher training, and retreats in India, Nepal and Tibet. Please note this session will be conducted in seating or standing position and no prior yoga experience is required.

Loose and comfortable clothing is recommended.

Last Updated: 24 January, 2018 7:26 pm